Khavar Parts Manufacturing Company was established in March 1997 with the aim of producing various types of drive shafts and other parts required by the automotive and related industries, operated in the first half of 1997. All shares of this company belong to Iran Khodro Diesel Manufacturing Companies Group. The transfer of technical knowledge of drive shaft assembly from GWB Germany, as one of the largest manufacturers of drive shafts, was carried out in 1997 in order to achieve internationally accepted standards, and subsequently the design, manufacture and installation of major machines and equipment required for assembly lines. In 1999, the technical knowledge of making heavy drive shaft parts was purchased and installed from the mentioned company and all the required machines, consisting of a set of various machines and special purpose equipments, which are mainly CNC and according to the latest European technology. This company, by having production lines of various types of drive shafts for light and semi-heavy vehicles, provides the drive shafts needed by major domestic automakers such as Iran Khodro Diesel, Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Bahman Diesel, as well as tractor manufacturers and other industrial centers requiring high quality drive shafts. The company is also a supplier of WH truck steering column system for Iran Khodro Diesel Company. Simultaneously with the development of the company's infrastructures, the Company has implemented management systems based on valid international and domestic standards and continued to develop significantly since 2000. The establishment of quality management systems based on the latest versions of IATF16949: 2016 and ISO9001: 2015 standards along with the special requirements of the company's major customers has been one of the important achievements of the company in this field. As well, the establishment of the human resources excellence model of Iran Khodro Industrial Group has been considered as a comprehensive approach to the improvement and excellence of the company's human resources.