Khavar Parts Manufacturing Company, while using the necessary equipments and infrastructures in the field of design, production and supply of drive shafts for light, heavy and industrial vehicles, as well as production and supply of heavy vehicle steering sets, operates in Iran. This company develops quality management systems based on ISO9001: 2015 and IATF16949: 2016 standards and customer requirements, declares its commitment to establish the following approaches:

A: Targeting all activities of the company within the framework of strategic goals and plans

B: Establishing a process approach with a risk-based approach in all organizational processes to achieve the following goals:

1. Paying attention to community expectations and trying to optimize energy consumption, control and prevent pollution and injury.

2. Paying attention to shareholders' expectations by maintaining and expanding its share of the domestic market and entering foreign markets along with profitability.

3. Concentrating on the customer as one of the main stakeholders with the aim of increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to the company by improving the quality of products and related services.

4. Upgrading the capabilities of the company through the excellence of human resources and gaining their satisfaction as the most valuable assets of the company.

5. Upgrading and developing quantitative and qualitative suppliers through interactions and mutual cooperation.

C: Adherence to organizational responsibilities with faith in:

1. Performing business with a commitment to anti-bribery policy at all levels and categories of work.

2. Observing codes of conduct such as mutual respect, responsibility, honesty and transparency, orderliness, and punctuality.

3. Promoting a culture of disclosure of immorality and corruption, with the company committing to maintaining the job and psychological security of its employees.

D: Maintaining the required records within the framework of legal, customer and organizational requirements by observing the followings

1. Ensuring that the retention period of records is determined.

2. Providing updates and availability of records for authorized persons.

3. Protecting the information of the company, customers and suppliers against unauthorized access.

On behalf of all employees, I, as the CEO of the company, declare my commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality management system and inviting all my colleagues to work diligently in this regard.